SATURDAY DECEMBER 11 - $25 per Pet - 3 downloadable digital 8x10's



Within 24 hours you will receive downloadable high resolution digital files for printing and sharing online!

Bring a costume or special treats!
I will provide  the booth, photography,  accessories and dog treats !

Only 1 pet can fit in the photo booth at a time

PRICE $25 per Pet - 3 downloadable digital  8x10's
If you are bringing 2 pets you pay for the second pet at alligator eyes!



typically the sessions in past have been dogs and cats! But occasionally chickens, snails, and owls. I'm open.


there is no guarantee that we can get your pet to look at the camera, smile,  or pose exactly how we want.  You are the pet wrangler and responsible for getting them to sit, stay,  bribe them with treats. You know your pet.
Basically for this session we  need them to be able to sit in the photo area and hold the pose for enough seconds  looking in the direction of the treat that you basically will hold above the camera. some pets this is easy some lose their minds. We are their mercy.  

Once you book the session it is non-refundable
I will hold that date and time for your business
cancellations or no-shows
You will get a store credit!

 5700 Magazine Street
there is a parking lot!